Today was the first formal meeting of the Lesotho Board and was attended by Malefetsan (Head of the National Curriculum Development Centre), Nelson (Principal of a large secondary school) and Trisha. Myself and Simon attended as observers.  The open part of the meeting lasted 2 ½ hours where the Board was given an operational and financial review of the Hub from Simon.  Myself and Simon then left and the 3 directors held a closed session.  I don’t know what transpired in that session but I suspect it may have resembled some of the Board meetings held in Irish Banks over the last 6 months!

Met Carl and Monica in the evening and went out to the Lesotho Sun for dinner (most expensive hotel in Lesotho but dinner only cost ϵ10 per head including wine).  We worked out a plan about how the Irish technical volunteers that were due to arrive the next day would spend a couple of weeks in the Hub working with Simon to get systems established and some of the mountain of computers moved.  Carl and Monica are typical Camara volunteers – positive, talented, energetic and flexible.  They and others like them represent the life blood of Camara and are the principal reason why we have been able to do so much in our short existence

Press-ups 0, Situps 0, Bicep curls 0 (I know but its really too cold to do anything)