Today I was in airports, four of them in total, with four different currencies, four different visa requirements and about 20 miscellaneous security checks.   I found it hard to sit still for long so spent my time wandering in and out of shops looking at the expensively priced clothes and electronic gadgets.  As I was on my way to Rwanda I wanted to better understand what went on there 15 years ago so I bought a book “Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda”, written by Lt General Romeo Dallaire the head of the UN Military mission in the country at the time of the genocide.

In December 2008, when I was last in Rwanda I wrote about the emotional impact the country and its history had on me.  As I read this harrowing account of the months leading up to and then the genocide itself I am again deeply affected by what went on.  The pure evil that was present at that time.  As the title of the book suggests it seems that the inherent sense of humanity that we are all born with ceased to exist, it just disappeared and was replaced by some malevolent force that took complete control over people souls.  It is a very angry book and I found myself sharing that anger, particularly with the UN and the so called civilised world powers and leaders who through ignorance, cowardice, laziness, self interest and disinterest allowed this genocide to take place.  It is a well written book and should be mandatory reading to anyone who feels that Africa should be left to its own devices.
Press-ups 220, Situps 0, Bicep curls 150 (I’m back in the game)