RoboSteel have donated a unique hand crafted Alien sculpture to Camara to help raise funds for supplying computer equipment to African schools.

This amazing prize will be raffled off exclusively to Google Ireland employees at their European Headquarters in Dublin with 100% of the proceeds going to Camara. The winner will be announced at TGIF (thank Google its Friday) on 31st July 2009.

The prize:

RoboSteel Alien

RoboSteel Alien

This 1.1 meter high Alien King is a beautiful sculpture that contains over 750 unique parts. The parts used for construction range from a car, a boat, a motorbike and other pieces of recycled steel. The individual parts have been joined by welding and have been expertly crafted into limbs and other body parts. The sculpture has been expertly polished and sharp edges have been removed. It has been coated with several layers of strong lacquer to protect it from weathering.

Please note this raffle is only available to Google Ireland Employees and is not available to the general public though check out for the coolest recycled sculptures.