After a long but interesting journey, I finally arrived in Lesotho! The landscape, with it’s beautiful mountains, is really stunning! We are based for the first week in a town called TY for short; its about a 40 mins drive from Maseru, the capital city. The people here are really friendly and curious about us and our work. I learned some Sesotho, the offical language of the country – Llumella means hello!

Week 1 – We worked really hard in the Camara hub and in visiting schools, setting up equipment, and organising the logistics of courses. I met with a lot of very interesting teachers and discussed features of the Lesotho and Irish education system with them. One of the biggest challanges facing teachers, according to some i met, are big class sizes. They range from 40 – 120 students per class. Even though the teachers are on their winter holidays, I met a lot of teachers who are enthusiastic about gaining IT training from our Camara team over the next month. I am looking forward to teaching next week.

Kay McCarthy