Here I am on my balcony in Kampala, Uganda on a Sunday evening with a large glass of white enjoying the sun going down and waiting for my double cheese burger and chips takeway order, my wife is away, what is a man to do? My thoughts turn to the fact that I need to pull my finger out and update my begging page.

Along with a good mate, who I met up with again on the Marathon Des Sables last year (thanks to all who supported me then), I plan to tackle the Jungle Marathon www.junglemarathon.com in early Oct 09. As you can see the event is a six day, multi stage, self supported race through the jungle in Parra, Brazil. The rules require us to carry all out own equipment including; food, hammock, emergency kit and a huge bag of sense of humour. The distances vary from a short day of 15 kms, probably mostly up hill and down dale and an 85 km soul sapping trog through everything they can throw at you. Last year Andy and I stuck together through the whole desert race and my memories of our “long day” will stick in my mind as the biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life to date. A true battle to get through, it was a lot of fun, but not at the time.

My motivation for this sort of thing is that I really enjoy it, honestly! It also allows me to use the event to raise some money for charity. Last year some of you supported me to the tune of approx. £2500 for the Gurka Welfare Trust. This year, in order to generate some funds local to my current home of Uganda, I have chosen CAMARA an Irish based charity with operations throughout Africa.

The main focus of CAMARA is the supply of donated computers which are refurbised and sent out to schools and other eductional facilities in order to develop computer literacy and better prepare people for the job market. They also provide hands on computer training to build the capacity of local volunteer trainers to ensure the future of the programs. This training is given by a network of international volunteers who travel throughout Africa, often to some very remote but beautiful locations, and impart their skills and knowledge to great effect. Please take a look at CAMARA’s website and if you feel this is something you’d like to support please read below and donate to the future of CAMARA.

I’ll update this page when I have finished- if I do!

Take it easy and thanks in advance for your support,

Sean McMurtry