Hamara Digital Hub has installed and successfully launched moodle at the beginning of the Ethiopian New Year. On September 29, 2009; a half day training workshop on Moodle took place for invited trainees in the training room of the hub.

Guests and trainees were invited from Adama University, Harambee College, Kamara School and the hub itself. The workshop had been opened colorfully with the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

The presentation had been made by Take Guta, Technical Coordinator in the hub. It included such topics for beginners as;

  • What is Moolde?
  • What is Course Management System(CMS)?
  • Why should we use CMS?
  • What makes Moodle Special?
  • Getting Started with Moodle…

One of the participants remarked the event as historical in the educational arena of the country, since the hub is one of the only two institutions that launched Moodle in Ethiopia. The other institution, Adama University, an ICT partner of the hub is the only other higher educational institution that uses Moodle in the country.

The hub has planned to share its Moodle experience with the higher educational institutions in Ethiopia in the coming three years. This has been included as a strategic objective in the three year strategic plan that the hub has been developing.