Mitchell O'Gorman and Clodagh O'Brien of Newmarket Consulting with Eugene McGee (centre)

PRESS RELEASE – GAA legend Eugene McGee presents Cup for Irish Charities Corporate fundraiser

Photos: Peter O’Doherty

On Thursday 22nd October at 15:00, GAA All Ireland winner Eugene McGee presented the inaugural Camara Charity Cup to Mitchell O’Gorman and Clodagh O’Brien of Newmarket Consulting.

Newmarket and other companies participated in the Camara Charity Cup, a corporate fundraiser to raise awareness of what Camara does. The Cup was played out over the GAA Football Championship in the summer of 2009, where companies picked teams to win in a “fantasy football” style tournament. Newmarket Consulting defeated runners up State Street Ireland in the final.

Eugene McGee managed the Offaly senior footballers to the All Ireland final in 1981 and then went on to win the All Ireland Football Championship the following year in 1982. Eugene also managed Ireland to Compromise Rules success over Australia in 1990 away from home. He also managed the team in the previous campaign in the home defeat in 1987.

The Camara Charity Cup was designed by famous Irish artist Seamus Nolan and manufactured by Tyrone Crystal, Dungannon.
Seamus epxlains, “based on the design of the functional tube of the computer monitor, the form commemorates both Camaras role as an agency that recognises the potential and value in the afterlife of outmoded technological waste, and also the private sponsors who acknowledge the value in this process and the role played in humanitarian and educational development.”

“In accordance with the ethos of sustainability, of using to its fullest potential the objects and technology of our civilisation, the computer monitor as a format for delivering visual communication, the piece uses as its starting point the aesthetic of this technological process the crystal piece re-constituted as a decorative, commemorative award produces a very subtle and elegant play of light which renders the piece an object of visual stimulation in itself.”

Camara is a registered Irish charity, founded in 2005, which uses Irish technological resources to equip schools in Africa with refurbished computers, educational software and IT training. It is the largest computer refurbisher in Ireland.

Cormac Lynch, Camara CEO says “We provide an ideal low cost computer disposal solution that also ensures secure data destruction. While this computer disposal solution is good for the environment and the education of African children, it is also a commercially attractive solution for businesses. Furthermore, these computers will transform the lives of African children and the knowledge will provide the stimulus for new African indigenous enterprises and success stories.”

Camara is located in the Digital Hub in Dublin 8.

For companies who would like their old computers to be reused by Camara, they should phone 01 6522673 or contact Mark Fox on

For further information, contact: Andy Donlan, Camara 01 6522670 (w) (e)

EVENT DATE: Thursday 22nd October 2009. Time: 15:00
VENUE: Camara, The Digital Hub, 10-13 Thomas St, Dublin 8.
SUBJECT: Camara Charity Cup presentation by Eugene McGee.

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