Science Week 10 November 09 016

EVENT DATE: Tuesday 10th November 2009. Time: 9:30
VENUE: Camara, The Digital Hub, 10-13 Thomas St, Dublin 8.
SUBJECT: Science Week at Camara.

Today, Camara held a Science Week workshop for third year students. The young ladies of Presentation Warrenmount College came to our workshop, and overall the event ran really smoothly.

The aim of Science Week is to promote the relevance of science, engineering and technology in our everyday lives and to demonstrate the importance of these disciplines to the future development of Irish society and to the economy. For our event, Camara was promoting the use of computers in education.

The students were given an introduction to what we do at Camara and then located all seven of the sub-Sahara African countries Camara works in on the map at the entrance to the workshop. Then they enjoyed a tour of Camara by CEO, Cormac Lynch. On the tour the students were able to get hands-on in the refurbishing process. They put their pride aside and donned safety glasses to destroy a hard drive, identified the various interior parts of a computer in the computer hospital, and dbanned a computer. The final activities of the day included a kinetic typographic video about education in Africa and a Wikipedia game. For the Wikipedia quiz everyone paired up into groups of two per laptop computer and got to use Open Office, which is open source software we send out on our computers to Africa. Through the game the students learned things they did not know before about Africa and even word processor; it was a hit! They raced to be the first ones done with the task putting their quiz answers and calculations into a presentation. Eventually prizes were won including Camara t-shirts to the winning team and chocolate mice for the runners up.

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