The number of installed PCs worldwide has surpassed 1 billion units, according to Gartner the IT research body. Gartner analysts estimate the worldwide installed base of PCs is growing just under 12 percent annually. At that pace, it will surpass 2 billion units by early 2014.

The world’s installed base of PCs remains heavily concentrated in mature markets. However, Gartner project per capita PC penetration in emerging markets to double by 2013. Rapid penetration in emerging markets is being driven by the explosive expansion of broadband and wireless connectivity in these markets, the continuing fall in PC average selling prices (ASPs), and the general realization that PCs are an indispensable tool for advancement. Gartner expect emerging markets to account for approximately 70% of the next billion installed PCs.

Startlingly, the research company also report that just over 180 million PCs (16% of the existing installed base) will be replaced by the end of 2008. 35 million of these will end up discarded in landfill with little or no regard for their toxic content or their potential for re-use.

The carbon footprint of creating 180 million new PCs is a staggering 117 million tonnes of Co2. The 35 million that will be discarded into landfill represents a carbon footprint of 22 ½ million tonnes. This represents half of Ireland’s total amount of Co2 emissions in 2005 alone.

Camara’s experience suggests that over 90% of discarded PC’s are re-usable, with the remaining 10% providing useful parts for the refurbishment process. Based on this figure it is clear that in 2009 alone over 31 million PCs that could have been re-used have ended up in landfill.

Challenging this travesty starts with you and with your business.

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