PRESS RELEASE – Camara Charity Launches Christmas Appeal for Money to Transport Computers to Schools in Africa

A €10 Donation Covers the Cost of Transporting One Computer


Camara has launched a Christmas appeal to help fund the transportation of thousands of computers to learning centres across Africa this Christmas. The charity, which provides educational tools to some of the poorest people in the world, has launched the campaign to fund the shipping costs, which work out at €10 per computer, to deliver the technology that will affect the lives of over 150,000 children in Africa.

Camara is asking people to donate €10 for which they will receive a Christmas card with a unique tracking number which can be used to track the journey of the computer to its final destination. It’s the perfect gift for children who can use their education and knowledge of technology to make a difference to a disadvantaged child’s life in Africa.

Camara collects redundant computers from Irish organisations and individuals and refurbishes them before being shipping to Africa where they are reused in ‘Learning Centres’ in schools and colleges. This year Camara has collected and refurbished 7,000 computers and each school or college in Africa will receive 25 computers per learning centre meaning 280 schools and colleges will benefit from Irish organisations provided – Camara get the vital transport donations they need to fund the transport.

Speaking on the need for donations for shipping costs, the charity’s CEO Cormac Lynch said, “We have 7,000 fully functional computers ready to be distributed across Africa and we urgently need funds to make sure that the final piece of the jigsaw happens. It’s just €10 per computer and this is something kids could do themselves this Christmas in line with our kids helping kids campaign. Education is the key to solving Africa’s problems and harnessing the world of technology in education will really fast track change and make a difference to people in Africa.”

In the past three years Camara have shipped computers to Ethiopia, Uganda, Lesotho, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, and Rwanda. By 2012, Camara will have installed a fully functional Learning Centre in 1,000 African schools and provide support to these centres with a fully certified teacher training program incorporating educational content into the national school curriculum where they operate.

Camara sources computers from a wide spectrum of Irish organisations, ranging from large government departments and multinational companies to SME’s. In 2009, the charity’s average recycle order size was approximately 40 computers per customer. Camara also signed an agreement with a large multinational to handle electronic waste from all their sites across Europe.

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