Providing Computers for St Mary’s School, Metcha Boroddo, Ethiopia.

Anniversary Celebrations
As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Our Lady Mother of the Church, Castleknock, set up a Third World Partnership (TWP) in early 2008 with the aim of supporting a community in Ethiopia.
The Castleknock TWP have partnered with a region called Metcha Boroddo, north east of Addis Ababa. Since September 2008, they have sponsored 100 children and have increased this to 185 for 2009/10, ensuring that they have an education, something most of us take for granted. Thanks to sponsorship support from the parishioners of Castleknock they are assured of a brighter future.

In March of this year, some of the committee went to Metcha Boroddo on a fact finding mission. They were able to see at first- hand how well the partnership was going and to see what other areas may need their support. The community identified repairs to their church in Metcha Borrodo and the provision of Computers for their school, St Mary’s as their top priorities.

Making contact
Following this visit, the Castleknock TWP made contact with Camara in Dublin to see if there was a possibility that Camara might be able to assist with providing computers for the school in Metcha Borrodo. The TWP were delighted to find that Camara had a Hub nearby in Nazareth. In September, prior to the visit by a group of Volunteers from the TWP to Ethiopia, Fr Mulugeta, the Parish Priest in Metcha Borroddo made contact with Hamara ( a Camara partner) in Nazareth and arranged for the TWP group to visit the Hamara Hub. Hamara, get equipment from Ireland and prepare it for deployment to the schools.
Noel McHugh, Norah Gallagher & Elizabeth McHugh, three TWP volunteers together with Fr Mulugeta & Fr Amanuel, met with Camara/Hamara’s CEO -, Gashaye Teferra, Vice Chair – Feyissa Ararssa and Teka Guta – Technical Co-ordinator. The group discussed the options available, high level costs and actions required to obtain 20 computes for St Mary’s school in Metch Boroddo, which caters for Grades 1-8 , ranging in age from 7 – 17 years.

One of the pre-requisites for a school to be considered is that the school must be able to provide a secure room for the computers with electricity, furniture and ventilation. The computers will be provided at a cost of approx €100 each. Hamara will send a representative to the school to view the dedicated room, identify what is required to get the computer room up and running and agree a schedule with the school. Hamara will provide training for 2 teachers at their Hub and will provide maintenance and support once the computers are installed. The school will require cables , tables & chairs for their new computer room.

The Students and teachers in the School are delighted and very excited to be getting their first computers. This initiative is made possible by the Castleknock TWP partnering with Hamara to provide computers for St.Mary’s School in Metcha Boroddo.