Email from return volunteer on their first impressions in Mombasa, Kenya.

As I walk off the plane I am hit by a wall of wet heat. The Terminal doesn’t appear to have any real full walls, there massive holes where the windows should be. In this heat I am sure there are no complaints.

Numerous shops and people surround the road we drive down, there are signs and adverts for all sorts: washing powder, coke, fanta and mobile phone credit. The list of phone companies goes on, I’d heard it was big business!

In our house we often have the male v female multi-tasking debate. As I watch out the window I see women carrying large items on top of their heads, babies on their back and furious gossip taking place. I need to get a picture of this.

As we drive to the school I notice eyes following our bus, there is no malice, I think it is curiosity for the group of Mzungus. As soon as I smile, I get 10 smiles back.

My first impression? … I’m going to like it here, can’t wait to see the IT lab.