This year we’ve had far fewer teachers applying for the Africa 2010 programme. No doubt due to the difficulties they are facing this year with reductions in pay and heavier workloads. Unfortunately, this has had a negative impact on Camara as we rely on the experience and skill sets which those in the teaching profession bring to our Africa programme every year. Building teams to send out to Africa is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you need all the pieces for it to come together. Each team needs to have the right mix of skills to cover the needs of the training programme, from the IT professionals who can give their expertise in areas such as networking or programming and teaching professionals who can share their experience of the classroom to those who can pass on the computers skills they have been fortunate enough to learn through the benefit of their own education.

The deadline for applications has now been extended to 26th March to allow more time to find the right skills sets and build teams who can cover all the requests we have for courses in Africa. If you know of any teachers or those with a passion and commitment to teaching pass on the message that Camara needs them!