I’m writing to thank Aidlink and Camara for their donation of
computers to the Spiritan Technical/Vocational School in Adankwame,
Kumasi. The foresight that both Aidlink and Camara have shown is
paying huge dividends for these students who are getting the
opportunity to use a computer for the first time. Despite ICT being a
compulsory part of the Ghana school curriculum, many schools have no
access to computers and the students are denied the chance to develop
any practical skills. Most of our students did not know how to turn on
a computer or use a mouse before starting here, even though they have
already done ICT for three years. Here at the STVI, each of our
students uses a computer every day and the progress they are making is
truly rewarding to see. Now, they have all successfully typed letters
and other documents and are becoming familiar and comfortable with
Microsoft Word.

The excitement and energy that the students show when they know it is
time for ICT is fantastic and they work hard to make the most of the
opportunity. Many have volunteered to spend extra time in school just
so they can gain more experience on the computers. The model of
bringing refurbished computers from Europe really works and has
enabled these students to make great strides towards becoming fully
computer literate. By the time they finish school here, they will be
significantly more employable than if they did not have the same

Thank you again for all your help and please pass the same message on
to all those at Camara.

Best regards,
Kevin O’Flynn
Teacher at STVI