GMIT has successfully incubated a Camara hub from inception in January of this year to getting it’s wings in late June. The proud parents of the social enterprise are the GMIT 3rd year Service Learning class who successfully nurtured the ambitious program, pictured below receiving their student achievement awards from GMIT.

In no order at all - Marion Coy GMIT President, Colin Canny, Students Union Vice President & Welfare Officer. Far right is Patrick Bonner, Students Union President, and of course the CAMARA group Cathal Murphy, James Costello, Paul Connolly, John Dolan and Colm Kearney.

They were tasked to run a self sustainable computer refurbishment facility out of a classroom in GMIT. The team managed to take in over 110 computers that were destined for the landfill, refurbish 83 suitable units in accordance with Camaras operations manual, load specific educational resources and ready them for dispatch to Irish and African schools. They liaised with NUIG for media support and to get more computers in, which was managed through local drop-off days on the NUIG campus – thanks Dee!

The contribution of time was matched by their commitment to developing educational resources that would complement the pre-loaded content on every Camara computer including interactive HIV awareness guides, start-up guides and a school subject specific encyclopedia. The team developed new guides including a “Newbie Guide to Linux” with video lesson support and a Moodle guide for teachers.

The GMIT supported Service Learning module participants have demonstrated that there is a need for a computer refurbishment facility in Galway as concerned computer owners and businesses want to promote best practice policy for their end of life computer equipment though previously had no outlet to ethically dispose of their equipment locally. Camara are now actively seeking a location for such a facility to establish a formal refurbishment center. We hope that that next years students can operate within the center and use it to refurbish personal & business computer equipment in Galway.

Many thanks to all involved and for the support from GMIT & NUIG.