Myself and Alex are currently in the hub in Fort Portal. Alex is doing some complicated networking stuff that I don’t understand in the slightest, so I thought I would play my part as a team member and contribute something to the blog 😉

It’s been fantastic out here so far. It feels like we’ve been here, there and everywhere. Yesterday, we travelled to Kasese (teaching location for week 1), and it’s the first time I have felt proper, serious heat. I’m glad we’ll be indoors for the peak of the heat everyday!

We arranged a mini van hire for Sunday to meet the gang at the airport with, complete with pimped out windscreen.

I’m not sure what my expectations were coming out here, but it’s certainly been different to whatever they were. I was really worried about food. But so far, I haven’t wasted away haha. I do love a country that believes in the power of chips. They also eat “Irish potatoes” which I think is cool!

The hub is also pretty cool, I wasn’t expecting it to be as it is. It’s not 100% finished, but it’s coming along really well!

Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday!

Grace Duffy

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