‘Householders and businesses in Ireland discard over 250,000 computers every year’. This in itself signifies the importance of computer equipment reuse. The environment is at risk and the best solution lies in reuse of equipment before eventual recycling. Think “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” as each discarded computer will get an opportunity to be reused before compliant material recycling. Click for more details >>

Instead of discarding your old and unused computer systems into landfills, you can drop it into a Camara refurbishment facility where it will have its data wiped to military standards and the hardware tested and cleaned. Each of our refurbished computers get a software makeover and are fully loaded with educational encyclopaedias, interactive AIDS/HIV awareness, office applications and a suite of educational programs to suit all student literacy levels.

Camara is committed to a 0% landfill policy and work hard with other partners to ensure that computer equipment contributed that does not make the minimum specification for reuse in a school is ethical recycled.

What are the hazards?

Environmental Contamination
CRt monitors contain an average of 2 pounds of lead in the glass tubes.
The plastics in many electronics contain Bromine and the circuit boards contain lead.
These hazardous materials and others enter our water sources through landfills.

Lost Resources
Electronics are almost 100% recyclable, and these raw materials can all go back into manufacturing new equipment.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emissions
Manufacturing using recycled rather than virgin materials can use 70% less power
The mining of virgin metals consumes 7-10% of the World’s energy
The mining of 1 oz. of gold generates 20 tons of waste rock and toxins like cyanide

Compliance and Liability Management
Stop landfilling monitors and electronics
Equipment dumped eventaully costs you in clean-up fees

What are the benefits?

Each computer sent out to a school in Africa or Ireland allows on average 29 students access to educational resources (think of the 250,000 discarded every year!)
Without education, students and families will have little opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty they currently face.

Environmental compliance
Reuse before recycling is UN backed as the best practice policy for computer equipment.