Once a month, the wheels turn and the process of loading the container occurs. We would like to thank all of those who contribute to turning these wheels. If your mentioned, pat your own back, your brillant and thank you.

All data wiped to US DoD standard 5022.22M

Ita in the Camara Laptop processing room.

Thanks Ita for processing the laptops. We believe that a busy volunteer is a happy volunteer and Ita has been very busy the last few months refurbishing laptops from donors such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bord Gáis, Danone, FDC and Zurich Insurance.

Thanks Nicholas, Cezar, Joseph, David all of the other volunteers who over the last month have helped unload, log, pre-test, upgrade, wipe, load, clean, pack, wrap and palletise the computers destined for schools in sub-saharan Africa.

459 computers perfectly packed for Camara Kenya

Our Monitoring and Evaluation studies show that this container will directly impact the lives of 13,000 students in Kenya.

Thanks to all of you who dropped your computers into our workshops in Dublin, Galway and Belfast and to the following companies whose equipment has left this morning for its second life as an educational tool in a school in Kenya. These companies are not only ensuring their data is wiped securely, they are leading the way by promoting best practice policy for end of life computers by reusing them before eventual ethical recycling.

Thanks staff, supporters and those of you who have kindly donated to Camara.