I found this really interesting. We were collectively musing in the office as to how the breakage rates of Camara pcs compare with new pcs. Ste found the following which was really interesting

(From Google answers)

Below you find will the results of my research for first year failure
rates of desktop and laptop PCs for different brands of computers.

Acer 20 percent
Gateway 18 percent
Toshiba 16 percent
Lenovo/IBM 15 percent
Dell 14 percent
HP/Compaq 14 percent
Apple 13 percent
Averatec 11 percent
Sony 9 percent

Based on our M&E data from last year we can pretty confidently say that the breakage rate for Camara pcs in their first year is just under 13% (based on 109 pcs in Kenya). Frankly we’re all rather chuffed about this!