Greetings on behalf of the Pupils and Staff of St Mary’s Primary School Papiri, Niger State, Nigeria. Last summer I collected 40 Laptops from you at Camara and shipped them to Nigeria. They arrived in December and I was able to install them in the School before Easter of this year.

Since there is no electricity in the area they have been set up to work on either generator or Inverter using Solar Power.

Students at St Mary's Primary School Papiri, Niger State, Nigeria

These are the first computers in any school in an area 1/4 the size of Ireland. Most of the Laptops are in good order and functioning well. However the batteries on 6 of them are worn out and we are currently unable to use them. We are trying to get new batteries for them.

It is hard to describe how wonderful the provision of computers is for these children. None of them had ever seen one before and now those in Primary 4-6 have 3 hours a week on one.

In Conclusion then, I wish to on behalf of all associated with the School, to express our sincere appreciation to you all at Camara for all your hard work and effort in helping the youth of Africa to have access to the tools they need to be able to take their rightful place in the modern world.

God Bless

Fr Dónall Ó Catháin SMA

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  1. It was great to learn that instead of crashing computers you reuse them in Africa .I am excited about the Ideas as you are able to make people living in the middle of nowhere to access uinformation of the LIBRARY in the air. It is waw!!! Such services are desearable in the ruarl Kenya. Please do something

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