August 17th 2010

Re: Ireland and the MDGs

Dear Minister

In response to your question ‘What has been Ireland’s response to the MDGs?’, please be aware that our country has made a significant contribution to Goal 8:
A global partnership for development – [Target 8f] In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications

Since 2005, when Camara Education was founded, Ireland has supplied nearly 20,000 computers to 1,000 schools in Sub Saharan Africa. We have also provided computer training and technical support to these schools and we estimate that over this period 200,000 teachers and students have been made computer literate as a result of this program.

Our model of using technology for education delivery is now well established, and proved itself to be both self sustainable and highly scalable. Over the next five years, up to 2015, we have an ambitious plan to deliver training and some 200,000 computers to 7,800 schools, and expect that over 3 million teachers and children will become computer literate as a result of this Irish technology transfer.

Providing people with these skills will also have a profound effect on many of the other MDGs. The application of new technologies not only enhances formal education but provides opportunities for livelihoods, acts as empowering tools for women and improves the prevention and treatment of medical conditions affecting people in extreme poverty.

I hope this information is of some use to you when you address the UN Summit in New York in September.


Cormac Lynch
Group CEO
Camara Education