10,000 metres above the Mediterranean is the location for my first Camara blog! As I look down to the deep blue sea I remember a book I read recently (“I am Justice” by Paul Kenyon) which describes an African’s journey to the promised land of Europe. It also brings back memories of 11 years ago when I made this journey to East Africa for my two years stint in Moshi. On that journey I was thinking not only do I not know anyone in Tanzania however I didn’t know anyone in Africa! This time is different; I will be greeted by Orlaith and her team and it will be for two weeks and not two years.
I look forward to seeing what has changed in that period, hopefully some things for the better and hopefully some have stayed the same. I look forward to meeting the new generation of local Camara entrepreneurs who run our education hubs. I look forward to seeing Camara computer labs in schools. I look forward to meeting with the Camara team many of whom have given up so much to go to Africa and help implement the Camara model. I look forward to hearing the unique sounds, sights and smells of Africa. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks, keep watching!