Christmas is fast approaching and as present lists are being drawn up by young and old we would urge you to set aside just a fraction of your Christmas present budget for a worthwhile charity.
Many great charities are providing a wide varity of fantastic inexpensive gift ideas, from football kits to dairy cows to Christmas cards. Here at Camara we are offering you the chance to help send a computer to schools in Africa for just €10 this Christmas.
We are once again running our Learning Shop campaign which is one of our most important activities in the year. All you have to do is look at our videos and the enthusiasm of our volunteers both in Africa and Ireland to know that the computers sent over are making a real difference in the educational development of African children. Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty through education and we are now at the forefront of delivering technology-enhanced learning. Each computer can significantly improve education prospects for at least 30 African children in just one year as well as an additional 20 adults through evening classes at the school.
So before spending €10 on yet another set of Christmas crackers with crappy toys and even worse jokes or yet another tin of roses that you will regret come New Year resolutions think of us and what it could mean to at least 30 African children.

Visit our Learning Shop to buy your gift!