The meeting in the President’s Office went as well as we could have expected. The ban on the importation of refurbished computers will soon be applicable only to those below a certain specification. This year in Camara we need to bring in 20,000 PC’s to distribute 10,000 so this specification should not be a problem. A very relieved Camara team left the meeting confident that full operations will be restored in the coming months.

The next morning was time to visit the hub. I could see that the hub had seen busier days. Training still takes place and in-country donations (most recently from DFID) are keeping it ticking over however it has been a while since the hub has experienced the excitement that comes with a container arriving. That should change before too long.

I was lucky enough to be there when the Principal from Apicur School in Musanze arrived to collect his PCs. He was very excited about what lay ahead for his students. Simeon was dispatched with the stock to install them. Having seen the dispatch process, time for the highlight of my visits to Africa; a school visit. Eddy took me to Doctrina Vitae school where they have a dedicated computer room with 30 PCs all networked and connected to the internet with a fulltime computer trainer. Not all schools can afford this luxury however the principal believes strongly in ICT in education. His vision is to have a laptop and projector in every classroom so ICT resources can be used in the delivery of the curriculum. It was refreshing to see the level of ambition he had for his school. He was also very pleased with our update from the previous day’s meeting as he is actively chasing Camara Rwanda for an order of 30 laptops to fulfil his vision.

The diplomacy skills honed in the President’s Office in Kigali was good practice for what lay ahead in my trip to the south of this massive continent.