Camara Galway at Fota Wild-life Park

Last weekend, the Camara NUI Galway Society locked up the hub, packed their Camara t-shirts, and hopped on a bus to Cork. The weather obliged with beautiful sunny days and mild nights. Arriving in town late on Friday night, we headed to the local Indian restaurant, followed by a couple of scoops to introduce ourselves to the locals. The team emerged from the hostel at varying times on Saturday morning, but everyone was up and at ‘em by noon! Bart, a Camara Cork member, met us at the English Market to be our guide for the afternoon. After swapping stories and experiences, we continued to explore the banks of the Lee, UCC and Cork Gaol before settling in the Franciscan Well’s Beer Garden to sample the local brew. On Sunday, the gang headed to Fota Wildlife Park. Between the singing Gibbons, baby giraffes and the cheetah race, there was plenty to keep us entertained between sunbathing sessions. A great time had by all!