The goal of the Government of Rwanda is to reduce poverty and in turn improve
the well being of its population by ensuring equitable access to quality education
focusing on combating illiteracy. Recommendations from the Workforce Development
Authority (WDA) in Rwanda recommends the acquisition of technical skills by able
individuals to ensure that those that are unable to get a university education are able to
make a living from the skills they acquire.
Camara Rwanda is actively involved in empowering such youth through our
apprenticeship program. This program involves exposing under-privileged youth
to modern ICT concepts and skills to build a knowledge reserve in an individual.
Lessons such as Hardware Maintenance and Basic ICT literacy courses have been
the main subjects that we teach the volunteers (apprentices). These individuals come
from all walks of life and most have been unable to pursue further education due to
various reasons. It must be noted that Rwanda has a very large number of orphans
and vulnerable persons as a result of the 1994 genocide. So a lot of focus by the
government is to uplift the status of these individuals to sustain the fast growing
In recognition of our apprenticeship program, the Education Development Center
(EDC) has partnered with Camara Rwanda to offer training that would improve youth
livelihoods in Rwanda through the “Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihoods Project”. AKAZI
KANOZE meaning “work well done” in Kinyarwanda (the local language), empowers
Rwandan youth with the necessary tools and resources to enter into a positive
development pathway that will lead to increased lifelong livelihood opportunities. AKAZI
KANOZE builds capacity and creates linkages between youth, the Rwandan economy
and the public and private sector so that youth can access increased opportunities for
productive engagement in society. It runs for six months starting June 2011 with a class
of 50 individuals, a third of whom must be exclusively Orphans and Vulnerable Children
(OVC). The overall program is set to go up to June 2013, and therefore we believe we
will be part of this great initiative of Empowering Lives.
Some of The Training Topics:
•ICT Literacy
•Business Management
•Personal Development
•Communication Skills