In 2006 it was noted that in Zambia about 90% of the population are lacking ICT tools and training, which has resulted in most schools failing to provide quality education and also leaving the students and teachers disadvantaged when it comes to career opportunities. The Zambian government through the draft ICT policy of 2009 has noted that if we are to become more efficient, effective and transparent in management and administration of the education system there should be more ICT training and its application for their daily working life.

Since its establishment in 2009, Camara has expanded like wild fire, with so many schools sending in applications from different parts of the country. Currently Camara-Zambia has only one hub found in the Copperbelt, Kitwe. This has become a challenge to our target goal of reaching out to at least 500,000 students and over 2000 teachers in the next five years. The most strategic way is by opening more branches within Zambia, as this will ease the training and distribution of computers. The opening of sub hub in Southern province will increase our computer output plan of 2000 PCs annually.

So far Camara Zambia has established at least a lab in 6 out of the nine provinces in Zambia Namely, the Copperbelt, Central, Southern, Lusaka, North-Western and Eastern province. With the number of teachers that we have trained so far it means that there will be an improvement in the way education is delivered in Zambian schools and also help the Zambian government reach its millennium goal of universal access to education in 2015. Due to the popular demand for ICT training in Zambia Camara has been prompted to start expanding by opening sub hubs in other provinces. Currently we collaborating and talking with Action Zambia in opening up a sub hub in Southern province.

About Action Zambia: Action Zambia is a Registered Irish Charity Chy 19255 and was set up to help alleviate the poverty that the people of Zambia suffer. Their belief in self-sufficiency and the projects that they support are biased towards this vision. They are involved in working with local communities. Through this partnership it is expected that 40 different high schools (already identified) are potential clients as well as 5 major colleges in Southern province. This leaves Camara Zambia to a great advantage of also potentially increasing revenue and reaching out to the schools and colleges.

After conducting several interviews with existing Camara beneficiaries we have determined the positive impact of Camara as being essential to the introduction and accessibility of computers and ICT tools in the communities. As well as enhance learning processes through a productive use of computers such as proper training and Edutainment.

Story by David Ndumba and Mumba Kabala – Camara Zambia