250,000 computers are scrapped each year in Ireland. Many of these could be reused by disadvantaged communities both at home in Ireland and abroad. DIT has been involved in this activity through its Community Links and Computer Learning in Communities (CLiC) Programmes for the last 15 years. Now, as a way to minimise wastage of resources, DIT has appointed Camara Education to refurbish its old computers for reuse rather than send them to landfill.

DIT Camara

From left to right: Prof. Tommy Cooke, Prof. Brian Norton- President of DIT, John Fitzsimons, Camara Education CEO, Eoin Dunne and Ciaran O'Leary

Camara Education, a social enterprise and charity, specialises in the re-use of computers to educate children in disadvantaged schools in East Africa, Jamaica and Ireland.

Camara Education refurbishes computers, loads them with educational software and distributes them to disadvantaged schools. Key to Camara Education’s mission is training teachers on using computers as an educational resource. To date Camara has reused over 25,000 computers in this way.

Each reused computer has a positive educational impact for at least 19 disadvantaged children each year. It also defers the release of 650kg of CO2 emissions. So it is a win win for DIT, Camara and Ireland.

DIT is pleased to support the work of Camara Education. We are delighted that DIT’s computers will be reused to help to improve the educational outcome for disadvantaged communities.” said DIT President, Professor Brian Norton.

DIT hopes that the partnership with Camara Education will encourage fellow DIT students, staff, lectures and suppliers to avail of the reuse option.

John Fitzsimons, Camara Education CEO said; “Camara’s primary focus is on education and the computer re-use solution also provides added environmental benefits by extending the life of computers. We are delighted to work with DIT in re-using their equipment for the benefit of disadvantaged schools.”

Camara Education also provides a drop off facility at its new location in Chapelizod Industrial Estate for anyone with a computer that is no longer needed. Together with a €20 social contribution per drop off this will make a real difference to the education of children who are unable to access the benefits of technology that many of us take for granted. http://green.camara.ie/green-you/ The €20 contribution helps to meet the cost of €40 needed to refurbish and dispatch a reused computer overseas.