Sponsor an eLearning Centre in their School

With your gift[1]……

The School receives:

  • 25 Pentium IV computers[2]
  • Fully-loaded with educational software[3]
  • A comprehensive teacher training program for 5 teachers[4]
  • End of life equipment recycling and replacement[5]
  • A 12 month maintenance contract[6]

You receive:

  • Mounted plaque (in your name) in the school you have sponsored
  • Mounted plaque for your organisation
  • Introduction to the School’s Principal (if you want a stronger link)
  • Photo set of the eLearning Centre when it has been installed
  • Certificate of Thanks


  1. Camara operates a social enterprise model which means that our Hubs charge each school for their eLearning Centre. They do this for a number of reasons: the school places much more value on the Centre if they have to pay something towards it; they feel lie they have more rights as a customer than as a beneficiary; and money raised by our Hubs helps sustain it as a service organisation. On average each school will contribute some €1,250 for their Centre. While this is a significant amount of money in Africa it is still heavily subsidised and substantially below what they would pay from a commercial provider.
  2. Machines are refurbished in our workshop in Dublin and then tested again in our local hub. They are typically between 3 and 5 years old.
  3. Software is a Linux-based ‘Ubuntu’ package that has been modified by Camara to include a large amount of free educational content: OpenOffice, Wikipedia, Camara Skills Builders.
  4. Each school is expected to send 5 teachers to Camara’s training program. This program covers basic ICT skills, simple hardware maintenance, and how to use computers with the curriculum.
  5. At the end of its life the school can return the computer to the Hub where it is recycled in an environmentally appropriate way and is replaced with a comparable machine at the same price.
  6. Technical support is provided by our Hub should any equipment fail.

For more information Contact: sponsor@camaraeducation.org