Mbale youth polytechnic is an approved pre-vocational youth training project situated in Mwatate, Kilifi County. It was founded in the year 1985 with an aim of providing work-oriented training for school leavers. Thanks to the Government of Kenya’s youth program support, the Polytechnic has grown gradually and shown a lot of potential.

As a very small community of 6,000 residents, many of whom have never used a computer, the computer classes have added a sense of optimism to the village. With 89 students, 45 females and 44 males, the lab has greatly enhanced not only their enrollment and retention, but also their expectations and proficiency.

The Institute received Camara computers; 15 computers including 1 server machine and 15 TFTS on 28th August 2011.

During the recently held Taita Youth Polytechnics Event in Mwatate, Mbale Youth Polytechnic, placed second in the computer training competition. They acknowledged that they would not have been able to do so without the support of Camara Kenya. “Creativity and practicality, is what we strive to teach our students who are pursuing a career in the computer technology field.” said the Manager, Boniface Kiriva.

Mbale polytechnic have been one of the best institution among the ones that have received Camara services and have one of the best computer lab, as well. The teachers and the management are so kind and have always treated Camara staff kindly hence strengthening the relationship between them and  Camara. As they say Camara have been of great importance not only to the school but to the community as a whole.

Camara Kenya Team