An austerity friendly donation appeal was launched today. Camara Education is not
asking for money but a share of the 250,000 used computers that Irish people throw
out every year. The case for donating used computers to the education charity is
compelling. Computer reuse is better for the environment, creates additional jobs and
improves the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children.

Camara Education is an Irish charity that refurbishes computers, loads them with
educational content and dispatches them into disadvantaged schools in Ireland, Africa and
Jamaica, in order to provide a better education. Since the charity was founded in 2005, it has
shipped over 30,000 computers to over 1,600 disadvantaged schools and has benefited
350,000 students who are now digitally literate.

Speaking at the launch Camara Education CEO, John Fitzsimons, commented, “It is criminal
that 250,000 computers are being destroyed every year, when they could be reused in
schools that cannot afford to buy new technology”. Fitzsimons added “Camara students
receive a key skill for the 21st century; digital literacy as well as a hugely improved education.
We need Irish businesses and the Irish public to take the lead and insist that all used
computers are reused for education”.

Camara Education wipes all data on all machines to US Department of Defense standard
and have offered this service for no charge since the start of 2012. Camara have drop off
centres in Dublin, Belfast and Galway. A nationwide collection service is also available for
larger volumes. Please visit for more information.

Students in the Goodlife Orphanage, Kenya have transformed their education delivery from blackboard (above) to technology enabled (below) thanks to Irish PC donations