Patience’s Story

Patience Chewe

Patience graduated high school in November 2010 and found herself at Camara Zambia a year later ( November 2011). Barely knowing anything about computers at the beginning, she brought her eager mind into the classes to learn and after being trained for 3 months by a Camara trainer, she began working in the workshop’s refurbishment department. She says without Camara, she would “be staying at home and doing nothing”.  Not knowing previously which career path to choose, she is now planning to go to school in January 2013 to study in the realm of computers.

“Employers now are looking for individuals with an ICT background or knowledge, and that’s what I have gained.”
Patience Chewe, Aged 19

Valentine’s Story

Valentine Kapengwe

Valentine graduated high school in Novemeber 2009, and found himself volunteering at Camara two years later. Having trained with Camara for 5 months and gaining his certificate, the management noticed his skills/capability in computer work and asked him to start working in the refurbishment department.  He is planning on going to school to advance his knowledge on what he has learned at the Camara hub. He realizes he has the knowledge now to help others  “for the development of the community”. The Camara training helped him find out what he wanted to do in life. He knows that he has gained skills and experience that employers are looking for these days.

“I can dismantle a computer now and put it back together as if it was never taken a part.” Valentine Kapengwe, Aged 19

Colvies’ Story

Clovis Chanda

Clovies is one of the first volunteers at the Camara Zambia hub in Kitwe. He recalls that his officer supervisor in high school was Rachel Kalaba, the former CEO of Camara Zambia, from whom he heard of the work of Camara. He had been graduated from high school a year prior ( November 2008), and  knew the basics on how to use a computer. He trained with Camara for 5 months and gained a certificate in computer networking, hardware maintenance, and linux administration. His skills were recognized and he was asked to start working in the storage department. With his certificate that he earned, he was able to get a job as an IT trainer at one of the Camara partner schools for one year and 4 months. He returned to Camara in April 2012 as he wishes to pursue IT.

“Camara has helped me find out what I want to do and I know that I will be at an advantage to employers because of my Camara background.”
Clovies Chanda