Camara Education, a charity and social enterprise that works to improve education in disadvantaged communities has launched a ‘1000 Mice’ campaign in a bid to secure the donations of 1000 computer mice for two containers full of newly refurbished high quality computers destined for schools in Ethiopia and Zambia.

Camara Education works to deliver digital literacy skills to schools in disadvantaged communities through the reuse of technology. Using donated equipment, Camara has to date supplied over 33,000 computers to schools and other educational organisations in East Africa, Jamaica and Ireland, benefiting over 350,000 children. Camara rely on individuals and  organisations donating their old equipment for reuse, to ensure the next generation have that essential 21st century skill: digital literacy.

Currently however, with over 1,000 schools and 750,000 students in Ethiopian, Kenyan and Zambian schools waiting for computers, the demand for Camara’s services outstrips the available supply and the charity has found itself short of computer mice for the next two computer shipments. Camara is therefore appealing to organisations and members of the public for donations of unwanted computer mice in its bid to ‘catch’ 1000 mice before Friday August 10th.

Camara’s CEO, John Fitzsimons commented, “We have high quality refurbished computers ready to go but are short the computer mice to accompany them. We need Irish organisations and the Irish public to help us supply those much needed educational tools to under-resourced schools”.

Anyone with old computer mice, or indeed old computers, laptops, monitors or peripherals such as keyboards or power leads are asked to please think about reusing them for education  before eventual recycling. Camara Education securely wipes all data on all machines to an internationally recognised standard. Drop off locations are in Dublin, Belfast and Galway, with a nationwide collection service available for larger volumes. Drop offs are also welcome at the charity’s new refurbishment centre in San Jose, USA. Further details and opening times can be found at

Camara CEO, John Fitzsimons with volunteers ahead of the 1000 Mice campaign