On the ground in Tanzania

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The highlight of visits to our partner countries is always dropping in to the schools and colleges and watching Camara in action. So with a couple of free hours in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I took off to the airport! On the airport grounds, there is a small college, United Tanzanian Aeronautical College (UTAC) who recently received a Camara lab and training. On an unprompted visit to the lab, I uncovered students using Wikipedia to find the very latest on Gas Turbine engines and other fascinating topics. The teachers/lecturers armed with their new found knowledge from the Camara training, showed me an application called QCAD. This is a free version of AutoCAD and is one of many applications built into the EduBuntu operating system (I am learning all the time of the benefits). They are using this for technical drawings that are so important to their course. Given the college up until recently had no technology and the age of the textbooks that I saw in use, I can understand the benefit they are getting from now having a Camara lab.The quality of education they are receiving has truly been transformed. Perhaps Dar can be a regional centre of excellence for aircraft maintenance? Who knows, with technology the opportunities are limitless. Before going of course, I received my own eduction on aircraft, engines and aerodynamics. Then outside for the obligatory photo. The message was clear: UTAC salutes you Camara!
John Fitzsimons, CEO Camara Education