“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

armbandCamara has launched a campaign to get one of these wristbands to Nelson Mandela. The wristbands have been sent to individuals who support Camara’s mission to enhance education through digital literacy. Each person has been asked to tweet a photo of themselves wearing the wristband, then pass it on to someone else. The goal is to get a wristband to Nelson Mandela in support of his own message and to highlight our plans to launch a new skills development programme in South Africa.

The wristbands were designed specially for Camara and have come from Kenya, made by a woman named Beatrice and her team of five workers, all part of the Kambras tribe. The group can make up to 15 wristbands in a day, each adopting a specialised task such as writing or kneading. The tribe is well-known around the world for its skill in arts and crafts, particularly for carvings of animals like elephants and giraffes.

Camara’s name comes from a West African dialect and means “one who teaches with experience.” Through this campaign, we hope to share the Kambras’ beautiful work and promote Camara’s message about the power of education.

Along the way we would like to capture photos from the many people who will help take the wristband on its journey to Nelson Mandela. So keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to follow the wristbands’ journeys.