Camara Ethiopia Director Shakeel Padamsey and Director of UNESCO-IICBA Dr. Arnaldo Nhavoto.

Camara Education Ethiopia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) to collaborate on teacher training and development programmes.

Camara and UNESCO-IICBA will produce tool-kits to identify the level of teacher competence and develop a roadmap of teacher-training courses and materials that will ultimately enable all teachers to maximise the use of ICT in their classrooms to improve the quality of education delivery.

This innovative project will take place in Teacher Training Colleges and Universities in Ethiopia, a country that has seen a huge growth in the number of primary and secondary schools over recent years, but where the quality of education is still lacking (Ethiopia: 2010 MDGs Report, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia).

The Government of Ethiopia is making giant strides to improve student and teacher access to quality enhancement tools and training. Camara Education Ethiopia, as a key partner of the Ministry of Education, signed a five year agreement in 2011 to supply ICT equipment, educational content, technical support and teacher training to schools and teacher training institutions across Ethiopia; an estimated 17,500 computers to nearly 1,000 institutions and 3,000 trained teachers.

“Comprehensive teacher training is key to the success of ICT projects but the high turn-over rate of teachers causes a lot of problems when considering the long-term impact of such interventions” says Shakeel Padamsey, Country Director of Camara Ethiopia. “The UNESCO-IICBA – Camara project will ensure that all teachers leaving Higher Education Institutions are highly trained in using ICT in all aspects of education, which will have a huge impact on the overall quality of education delivery for even the most remote and rural schools.”

UNESCO-IICBA is a world leader in capacity building in Africa, with a specialisation in teacher development using ICT. They have developed a number of frameworks around teacher development in the area of ICT, including the ICT-enhanced Teacher Standards for Africa (ICTeTSA) and ICT-enhanced Teacher Development (ICTeTD) model, both produced by Dr Temechegn Engida – the lead expert for this project for UNESCO-IICBA.

Camara Education specialised in the delivery of E-Learning Centres to schools in under-served areas, and operates in 7 countries in Africa, 2 in the Caribbean, and supports schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland.