Following Sunday’s festivities at Africa Day, Camara Education is now celebrating Ethiopia Day!

ethiopian irish flags

We are extremely proud of what has been achieved so far at our Ethiopian hub in Addis Ababa. Since its establishment in 2011, Camara has distributed an astonishing 3,296 recycled computers to 161 institutions, along with providing teacher training to 781 people. As one recycled computer can provide crucial digital literacy skills for 21 disadvantaged children, almost a quarter of a million Ethiopian students have now gained access to ICT equipment and an improved education through the work of Camara. This has helped to ensure that the digital literacy rates in Ethiopia are going from strength to strength. We hope to continue this level of success to improve the education system in Ethiopia by distributing a further 3,500 recycled computers to approximately 200 institutions and training 600 teachers.

To help achieve our goals, we will be working with the Regional Education Bureaus of Oromia, Gambella and Benishangul Gumuz, in addition to a partnership with the Computer Refurbishment and Training Centre (Ministry of Communications and IT). The recent Memorandum of Understanding signed with UNESCO-IICBA will strengthen a commitment to teacher development and further integrate ICT in Education training programmes. Camara takes in donations of end-of-use computers, refurbishes them and installs valuable  eLearning tools before shipping them to Africa. Camara is dedicated to the improvement of education in Ethiopia through the introduction of ICT – setting up computer labs, providing teacher training and giving tangible support to schools in Ethiopia. Camara operates a non-profit social enterprise model to ensure our activities and programmes are fully sustainable and the needs of schools are placed at the centre of the organisation.

Camara looks forward to maintaining the level of success achieved in improving education in Ethiopia for many years to come. As thousands of computers are needlessly disposed of in Ireland every year, it is important to understand the many benefits of recycling them with Camara Education. Providing communities in Ethiopia with an improved education system through ICT can help alleviate poverty in the long-term, and ensure families and communities have a brighter future.

For more information about donating your computers, click here.