elearningafrica2The eLearning Africa Conference 2013 took place in Namibia last week. It was the 8th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training to be held on the continent. Professionals from across the education and business world gathered to share their industry knowledge and experience.  Participants met with like-minded people who maintain the shared belief that eLearning can play a crucial role in developing the African education system. Camara’s extensive experience in eLearning and ICT in Education, particularly in the African context, ensured that we were kept very busy by Dell, our sponsor and ICWE, the primary organiser of the conference .

We presented on several occasions at the three-day conference, raising the awareness of our work and achievements in Africa and building upon the strong relationships that have been created in recent years. Our team’s presentation on ‘Sustainability through Continuous Professional Development for Teachers and Principals’, focussed on the ICT strategy being implemented by Camara to maintain the strong level of teacher training being provided to schools. By ensuring they receive the optimum level of training, teachers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to create their own eLesson plans and use appropriate eLearning materials. We also participated in a presentation on Dell Cloud Client Computing and how it can be used to transform the classroom experience for students. In addition, the Camara team chaired a high profile debate on mobile technology in the classroom, and facilitated discussions on the challenges of broadband connectivity.

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Policy makers from across Africa were in attendance, giving Camara the opportunity to strengthen our many partnerships, such as the long-term agreement with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education.  ICT thrives on innovation. Events such as this eLearning conference provide a platform to share success stories and fresh ideas, as well as discuss new strategies and develop education methods, ensuring everyone benefits from the wealth of experience in attendance.

End-of-life computers can be refurbished to provide access to better education in disadvantaged communities, dramatically improving their livelihood skills and giving them a chance of a brighter future.  Each computer donated can provide digital literacy skills to 21 children.

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