Camara Kenya were recently successful in a bid to install 20 E-Learning Centres in schools in Kwale, in the South Coast of Mombasa, Kenya. The project, funded by USAID through a grant to the Haki Centre and Camara, aims to introduce ICT to 5 schools per district in the region.  USAID logo

Camara will train teachers in the use of this technology, provide maintenance for the E-Learning Centres and work with the Haki Centre to put relevant content on the machines in order to promote good governance and highlight human rights issues.

 The Haki Centre, an NGO established in 2006, is made up of human rights activists from the Coast and North Eastern Provinces of Kenya. Their mission is to ‘promote social justice by enhancing community participation in sustainable development processes’. The Haki Centre aims to achieve this goal by ensuring communities actively engage in the struggles for justice and good governance.


Camara is very excited to work with USAID and the Haki Centre on this venture and believes that this is the beginning of a prosperous relationship.