Donate 10 working monitors & receive a FREE Camara t-shirt!

For the month of August, every organisation that gives 10 working monitors will receive a free Camara t-shirt as a token of our appreciation!

Camara has been experiencing a decline in the supply of mice, power leads and keyboards in recent months, but more worryingly is a stark shortage of flat screen computer monitors. At present there are 2,000 refurbished PCs ready for dispatch in the Camara workshop, but are awaiting accompanying monitors.

This shortage is due to the fact that many people are hanging on to their existing monitor when updating their computer. Camara is urgently calling on organisations and individuals to donate their old and used monitors.

Sourcing monitors for these 2,000 refurbished computers will mean that another 40,000 students from disadvantaged areas will become digitally literate. Unfortunately, without monitors, it may be necessary to recycle computers that otherwise could be reused in education.

You can learn how to donate your used computer equipment by clicking here.