Volunteers busy refurbishing computers at the Camara Workshop

Volunteers busy refurbishing computers at the Camara Workshop

Camara Education is offering free computer collections throughout August. The minimum amount required to avail of this offer in the Dublin area is 10 computers. You may also qualify for this offer if you have other equipment you would like to donate. Similarly, if your business is located outside of Dublin, please contact Camara directly to discuss arrangements for collections.

Camara also accepts computer leads, keyboards, monitors and mice. There is a particular shortage of monitors at the moment and every organisation that gives 10 working monitors will receive a free Camara t-shirt.

Camara reuses computer equipment to provide a better education for disadvantaged students through the use of ICT. Camara currently operates in Ireland, Africa and the Caribbean, working hard to develop valuable digital literacy and livelihood skills through recycled computer equipment.

For more information about arranging a computer collection this August,

please contact Camara;

Phone:    Ireland +3531 6522673

               Northern Ireland +44 2895 811812

email:    computers@camara.org