Camara Education is proud to announce plans to open a hub in Haiti. The new centre, to be located in Port au Prince, will help to improve the quality of education and provide students with digital literacy. Camara will develop partnerships with local schools, community groups and other educational institutes on the ground, in order to establish eLearning centres and deliver teacher training.

Ailish O'Reilly, Marie Carmelle Lafontant & John Fitzsimons at CHREPROF

Ailish O’Reilly, Marie Carmelle Lafontant & John Fitzsimons at CHREPROF

The decision to open an education hub in Haiti is based on the success of Camara’s pilot projects with twelve Women’s Centres throughout the country, which was supported by Digicel Foundation. Partnerships with other Irish NGOs Haven and Soul of Haiti gave Camara further assurance of the long-term success of this venture.

John Fitzsimons, CEO of Camara Education, speaking from Haiti said: “We have all been moved by Haiti and the resilience shown by the people is truly remarkable. The demand for education is formidable and the enthusiasm of our partners for the Camara offering exceeds all of our expectations.”


John Fitzsimons at CHREPROF, who have already benefited from a Camara eLearning centre

The announcement was made at the Haitian Center for Research and Action toward the Advancement of Women (CHREPROF) in Port au Prince. Maria Carmelle Lafontant, founder of CHREPROF and a renowned advocate for Haitian women, said: “We are fortunate enough to be in receipt of a Camara eLearning Centre recently, meaning the girls here will gain practical computer skills, which greatly enhancing their chances of employment. It is brilliant news that so many other Haitians will now get this chance through

Camara looks forward to sharing exciting updates from Haiti regarding the development of the new hub. Each Camara computer provides over 21 students with digital literacy skills.  If you would like to donate your used computer equipment to improve education in disadvantaged communities, please click here.