Daniel volunteered with Camara as a Workshop Technician as part of a college placement through IT Tallaght. Although his two month placement has finished, he continues to call in to help out whenever he has spare time.

Daniel hard at work in the Camara workshop!

Daniel hard at work in the Camara workshop!

My name is Daniel Glynn and I am just about to finish my third year of Information Technology Management. My experience within the Camara workshop has been quite enjoyable. I have had to sacrifice many early mornings but have found it more than worthy when involving myself in what is rewarding work. The hands-on nature of the workshop has definitely paid dividends as I have gained further insight into the inner architecture of both computer hardware and software, for which I am grateful.

Working on the floor means I’m responsible for computer maintenance, software and hardware upgrading, computer tracking and shipment, amongst many other operations. Each part of the operation is clearly-defined so that workers know exactly what needs to be done. The work is precise, structured and easy to follow and as such, it means that preparations and shipments of computers are completed much more efficiently as there is less time considering a course of action.

In all, I have found that dedicating time here has been an enriching experience as well as personally encouraging. My fellow volunteers have been helpful and easy-going, never afraid to lend a hand to someone who may not fully understand a procedure.  The workshop supervisor and management were very supportive. Diligence is obviously a necessity in any work environment, but having a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere goes a long way to help make employees or volunteers more comfortable, less stressed and, as a result, more efficient. Let’s face it, a happy worker is a productive worker! 🙂


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