Students from St. Anthony’s School for the Deaf in Kenya are benefiting from an improved quality of education after receiving a Camara eLearning centre earlier this year. The 15 Camara computers are loaded with educational software and will provide the children with digital literacy and ICT skills.

The school is located in Webuye, a rural community in Western Kenya near the Ugandan border.  The 336 deaf children enrolled in the school, ranging from nursery level to class eight, are supported by a staff of 27 teachers. The local paper mill was once a source of work and revenue for Webuye but unfortunately has closed down. This has damaged the local economy considerably, making finding employment a difficult task. To help counter this, the school also provides young deaf adults with training in carpentry and tailoring through its vocational program.

US Peace Corps Volunteers Cynthia German and Rachel Rose, teachers at the school, said the establishment of a Camara eLearning centre has been a healthy step forward in development for the town. They also stated;

Words just aren’t enough to express our gratitude, so our students came up with a more creative way to show how much your gift has meant to us. The video also thanks all of the donors who made private contributions to support our end of the fundraising.


For information about donating your computer equipment to Camara to help schools like St. Anthony’s, please click here.