Camara Ireland has issued an urgent appeal for donations of laptops for use in Irish schools. There has been a surge in demand for Camara’s educational technology packages and we have not yet sourced enough used laptops to meet this demand. With the waiting list growing by the day, Camara is appealing to all organisations and individuals to consider donating their end of life laptops for reuse in the education of Irish students.

“I would urge people to consider Camara for reuse of their laptops,” said Ciaran Cannon TD, Minister for Training and Skills and a supporter of Camara Ireland. “The package they provide makes an important impact in our schools, helping to provide young people with vital access to technology.”

Students from Scoil Mhuire, Shankill

Camara Ireland  provides reused laptops and teacher training to disadvantaged Irish schools at 25% of the price of a new laptop. So far this year 900 computers have been supplied to schools and nearly 400 teachers have been trained in the process.

On receipt of his school’s recent delivery, Damien Fallon, Principal of Killavullen N.S. in Cork commented, “The laptops have landed! They’re perfect. Thank you. You really are changing the world, click by click.”

For information on donating computer to Camara, please click here