Monday 2nd December is World Computer Literacy Day. It was launched twelve years ago to raise awareness of the enormous digital divide that exista and to try to increase access to information technology for disadvantaged communities. Being able to use a computer is becoming an increasingly essential skill and having access to the internet is a crucial resource in today’s digital economy.

Computer Literacy Day

Students from Bondeni Primary School, Mombassa, using refurbished computers from Camara

What does being able to use a computer mean to you?  Watch this short video of what it means to students from National College of Ireland (made by NCI student Louise Ward).

Camara Education is working to improve digital literacy and transform education for disadvantaged and marginalised communities, in Ireland, Haiti, Jamaica and seven countries in Africa, by providing access to affordable technology, in addition to training support for teachers.

ICT and digital literacy skills help people break the cycle of poverty, equipping them to find employment or start their own business.

So far this year, 7,616 computers have been dispatched to disadvantaged communities all over the world, bringing digital literacy to 159,936 people.


Find out how to donate a computer to Camara to help improve computer literacy levels.