Since opening a resource centre in London last October, Camara has already received a number of donations of used computers from UK organisations. Over 200 computers and 170 monitors will be reused to improve education, due to the generosity of Virgin Management, Harvest Energy, Spencer Ogden, Amery Hill School, Royal London Asset Management and 17 Capital.


Camara’s temporary warehousespace, kindly provided by Eaglemoss Publishing

These donations will positively impact the lives of 4,200 children and help to satisfy the large demand that exists for Camara’s computer equipment in disadvantaged schools and communities around the world. Camara London is one of five resource centres Camara operates, sourcing, collecting and refurbishing computers, to provide an improved quality of education through the introduction of technology.

The Camara team wish to thank Andrew Jarvis, Nigel Mothersole and Sean Heatherly of Eaglemoss Publishing for their kind help in providing a temporary warehouse space for donated laptops. We are also very grateful to Vernon and Jarek from Engineering Technology & Services for their hard work in the preparation of our new premises.  Camara’s refurbishment centre is currently being fitted out and will be fully operational in the new year, ready to accept large collections of computer equipment.


Find out more about donating computer equipment in the UK or in Ireland for reuse in education.