Did you get a new laptop, tablet or computer this Christmas? As we upgrade to newer, faster and shinier models, a huge amount of computer equipment will be deemed useless and discarded. Our old computers however, are a potential valuable source of digital education for disadvantaged students in Ireland and around the world.

By donating our computers for reuse we are reducing the amount of waste going into landfill. We are extending the lifespan and increasing the return on the energy used in the manufacturing process. Adding to the environmental benefits, donating your computer to Camara will make a positive social impact by transforming education and bringing digital literacy to disadvantaged communities in Ireland, Haiti, Jamaica and seven countries in Africa.

Donated computers in the Camara workshop

Donated computers in the Camara workshop

Camara works in partnership with schools to set up eLearning centres to improve the quality of education for marginalised communities, providing access to affordable technology and helping people break the cycle of poverty. Each second hand computer received by Camara has the potential to provide 21 students with valuable digital literacy and ICT skills, equipping them to find employment or start their own business.

When you donate your computer, all data will be fully and securely erased from your computer according to US Department of Defence standards (5220.22M) and you will be issued with a confirmation certificate. Your computer will then be refurbished in our workshop and installed with educational software before being dispatched to one of our education hubs located in; Ireland, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Lesotho, Uganda and Rwanda. If the computer can’t be refurbished to the required standard it will be recycled at a licensed WEEE facility.

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