Camara founder and Chairman of Camara USA Cormac Lynch met with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda in San Francisco on February 14th. The pair took the opportunity to discuss the possibility of Camara re-entering the Rwandan Education Sector.

Cormac Lynch with H.E Paul Kagame

Cormac Lynch with H.E Paul Kagame

Camara operated a successful education hub in Rwanda in 2008 and 2009 which supported 50 schools and won the prestigious international innovation award from the Global Development Network for our work in the country.

The Camara Rwanda hub was downgraded to an eWaste and maintenance hub in 2011, as a result of the introduction of high standards for computer imports by the Rwandan government’s Bureau of Standards, which banned the import of second hand computers.

This measure was taken in an effort to tackle the problem of electronic waste in the country. Camara, however, has a rigorous e-waste strategy, having set up the ‘East African Recycling Centre’ and we would call for a more measured approach to tackle the problem of e-waste.

Despite this significant challenge, Camara has maintained a small presence and managed to establish 5 eLearning centres with existing stock and in-country donations before the office closed in December 2011. At this time, when operations were suspended, Camara had 200 Rwandan schools on its waiting list for a computer lab. We would love to re-open a full education hub in Rwanda and deliver on our commitment to these and other schools.

Reuse old computers–  donate to Camara to improve education in Africa.