Jerusalem School with Aidan O' Hara by Yohannes Debele

Jerusalem School with Aidan O’ Hara by Yohannes Debele

The Ambassador of Ireland, His Excellency Aidan O’Hara, donated an LCD projector to Jerusalem Primary School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia after seeing the work of Camara Education in transforming education.

Jerusalem Primary School received a Camara eLearning Centre in 2011, twenty five computers were installed and three teachers were trained to effectively use the technology to improve the quality of education in the school. The school was recognised as a model school in multiple monitoring and evaluation visits – and was thus chosen as a fantastic example to show to the Irish Ambassador last year.

The Ambassador held a ceremony at the Embassy in February, inviting the School’s Director, Ato Hiwote and two students – where he presented them with a brand new, state of the art LCD projector. This donation will enable teachers from Jerusalem Primary school to teach a large number of students more effectively and use a range of educational resources to enhance the education curriculum – aiding their quest to improve the quality of education delivery.

According to Ato Hiwote, over 1,400 students attend the school, with around 450 students from grades 7 and 8 using the eLearning centre each week. Given the large number of students, the school is delighted to have a projector, as well as a laptop donated by a supporter of Camara Education – these resources will greatly enhance the teaching and learning process.

Aidan O' Hara at Jerusalem School

Aidan O’ Hara at Jerusalem School

“I really enjoyed my recent visit to the Jerusalem School and was especially impressed with the work Camara are doing there” said the Ambassador, “I hope that the projector will enhance the school’s training in IT and other subjects and that Fantahun, Haregawin and their classmates will get the full benefit of this technology.”

According to Shakeel Padamsey, Country Director of Camara Ethiopia, “the donation by the Ambassador will really encourage and motivate teachers in this school, as well as others, to effectively utilise the equipment they have – in the knowledge that as new technology becomes available, the schools that have worked hard will progress quickly in the development of their eLearning programmes”.

Read more about Camara’s work in Ethiopia or contact Shakeel Padamsey for more information.

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